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ULP 93

About ULP 93

Description of ULP 93:

A top quality unleaded petrol meeting the requirements of both the OIPES, and SANS 1598:2006 specifications. Versatile Commodity Traders unleaded has been formulated to include an exclusive additive package that enhances the characteristics of the petrol.

Application and Benefits of ULP 93:

Versatile Commodity Traders unleaded can be used with confidence in most vehicles (>85%) on South African roads. All vehicles manufactured during 1995 or later are fully compatible, including those with catalytic converters. This fuel is for the inland market. Main Benefits:

• Improved performance

• Latest generation detergent additive (Ultimate), ensuring cleaner intake systems

• A cleaner engine, therefore extended engine life

• Less damaging emissions, making it more environmentally friendly

• Gives your engine better performance

• Does not contain any heavy metal additives that may adversely affect emission equipment.


Order Requirements of ULP 93

A Minimum order of 5000 Litres

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