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ULP 95

About ULP 95

Description of ULP 95:

A top quality unleaded petrol meeting the requirements of both the OIPES, and SANS 1598:2006 specifications. Versatile Commodity Traders  unleaded has been formulated to include an exclusive additive package that enhances the characteristics of the petrol.

Application and Benefits of ULP 95:

Versatile Commodity Traders unleaded can be used with confidence in most vehicles (>85%) on South African roads. All vehicles manufactured during 1995 or later are fully compatible, including those with catalytic converters. This fuel can be used inland or on the coast.

Main Benefits of ULP 95:

• 4X the cleaning power, for a better performance • Latest generation detergent additive (Ultimate), ensuring cleaner intake systems

• The cleaning power, removing up to 75% of existing deposits

• Improved fuel economy of up to 25km per full tank

• Less damaging emissions, making it more environmentally friendly

• Gives your engine better performance with up to 6.8% power improvement

• Does not contain any heavy metal additives tha


Order Requirements of ULP 95

A Minimum order of 5000 Litres

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